Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Center for Resilience

Mindfulness practices are important in order to be proactive in resolving conflicts as well as being useful to help individuals remain or regain focus. Resilience is needed in any career or learning setting in order to achieve. The Center of Resilience is used in the classroom of many schools around Rhode Island by trying teachers, administrators and parents to work directly with the culture of the schools. From my research I found that their main goal is to help the students at these schools manage their time and work load better to give the students a successful opportunity to become adults and community leaders.

Mindfulness is useful in other places besides a school setting which means what these students learn could be passed on to help the community. I found it interesting to see the high school testimonials and how they change their behavior from what they would normally do with their peers to something that would better them in the long run. I can relate to this when we went to Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls and interacted with the students, these students were leaders of their time in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I rarely feel the need to vote because I am a believer that our vote does not count. This is the main reason why I shy away from the voting booth. When it comes to the public issues I feel that I am informed but not the amount that I need to be. As for the candidates I believe that the candidates talk enough trash about each other that if a person follows the debates you can find out all the bad aspects about the candidates.

But when we talk about the good aspects of each candidate, I feel uninformed. The election alienates me because I feel that my vote is worthless. 

My questions are:
  1. How do we introduce voting to the youth so when they become our age they are more informed and prepared?
  2. How do we help the youth overcome the voting booth anxieties?
  3. How is health care going to change when a new candidate goes into office?