Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Construction of Adolescence

The vocabulary words that I either did not understand or thought were a large part of the reading were...
theoretical thinking
theoretical imagination
construction of adolescence
proximal development
meeting of the minds
interpsychological development
zone of proximal development
reciprocal transformation
applied developmentalists

When thinking about who coauthored my "story" I do not like about when I was young, mainly because when I was young I was just going with the flow and did not have to make important decisions. The moment when I started making important decisions is when I believe this coauthoring came into play. People from my past may have taking a part on this coauthoring only because what they have said or done resinated with me to influence my decisions now. If I were to pick one person that overall "coauthored" my life is my mom. I do not believe there was a teacher that influenced my life up until high school. My mom was and is a huge part of my life and my decision making throughout my younger life. My mom was my go to person for any problems that would arise and as I grew older I went to her less and less but she was always there. My mom is such a strong woman who has gone through so much including cutting off half her side of the family due to the fact that no one could own up to their own problems and blamed her and my family. She nor my family needed the stress so she thought this was the best option.

Once I got to my junior year of high school I met the teacher that "coauthored" my "story". I met Mr. Jason Marzini through a Digital Media class at Woonsocket Career and Technical school. Not only did Mr. Marzini advocate for me to go to Rwanda, Africa but he also had my back all throughout high school. I considered Marzini as one of my best friends because his classroom was not only a place of learning but a no judgement zone. Marzini always had my back since the day I started in his class even when people were putting more stress on me; he brought these people together and went straight to the source of the problem. He was like a second dad to me because of this.

Through this I have learned to advocate for myself no matter the situation. Also I can not let the "toxic" individuals control my life. I have learned these very important life lessons from these two people.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I particularly liked the fact that you choose to talk about two different co-authors. It was interesting to read how they helped you co-authored your story at different stages in your life.

  2. Giiiiirl, I couldn't have said it better. Sometimes you gotta let people go so you can grow. Thank you for sharing Andrea. I think it is so awesome that your teacher has impacted your life so positively. I hope to be the same way when I teach music!

  3. HinAndrea,

    I thought your blog was well written and truthful. I was also going to pick my mom at first, but then I decided to go a different route, but you are absolutely right in saying that moms are one of the, if not the best and biggest coauthors of our lives. I also enjoyed your other coauthor story and the lesson(s) that you learned from him.

    Great work!

    Ryan Ross